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BuzzWord Leah Haygood — Lyndell has great expertise: She knows the ins and outs of both the aesthetic and technical sides of design – graphics, web, colors, printing – and she is well balanced in terms of the artistic and the practical. It gives me confidence that her work – and therefore my image – will be attractive, modern and appropriate. Lyndell’s level of engagement always makes me feel she goes beyond to understand my business and what I’m trying to do and that translates into the design. It feels like a very personal approach. Also we feel Lyndell’s commitment to every project has been very strong. She clearly cares about doing a great job and will do what it takes to get it done. In other words, I know Lyndell has a process, but it doesn’t seem cookie cutter, and I always feel like she cares as much about the outcome as I do. Lyndell has a good network of people to take care of all our projects.
CoolNerd Media Inc Mark Unthank — LBGdesign has helped make CoolNerd Media present itself with a strong and distinctive brand image. This great logo gives CoolNerd confidence in presenting itself to new companies/people. It allows me to initiate marketing/pitching the company with confidence.
William Monical & Sons Inc. William Monical — LBGdesign gave us the opportunity to have a very well thought out and elegant website that is easy to navigate independently. Working with Lyndell was so effortless, her attention to the clients needs was extraordinary. She worked along side us with complete understanding of our conceptual goals for the business . We were very fortunate to have LBGdesign for our presence on the web which it has lead to great success!