IMG_2854I work as a painter and graphic designer. Presently these two paths are at an intersection. I have painted on and off for 35 years and worked as a full-time graphic designer for over 30 years. As of recent I am focusing a lot of my energy on painting as it gives me great joy to create with oil paint. If you are interested in visiting my painting studio please drop me a line.

Looking to know more about my graphic design work?
I started freelancing in 2002 and have worked with many types of clients. I have also worked from time to time full-time, as those projects were interesting to me and they allowed me to raise a family and keep everyone happy and well fed. I prefer the freedom to do graphic design when there is a lot of work and paint and travel when there is not a lot of work. At the moment there is a lot of work both in design and with my painting, I feel blessed.

I have been fortunate to have worked with many talented people throughout my design career. Publishing (creative director for Fodor’s.com), Ecommerce (creative director for Shopping.com) Ad agencies, NonProfits and Tech startups. I attended San Fransico Art Academy for graphic design and photography. My experience is varied and substantial, but of course the work stands on it own.

I am lead creative on most projects but have produced larger projects in partnership with other experienced, innovative, and skilled US based professionals. I bring together exactly the people you need when you need them, thus providing exceptional work, on time, for a fair price. You get a great team that enjoys working together and working collaboratively with clients.

My hallmarks are clean, relevant, smart design solutions that make sense; design results that work for each client and the marketplace; and a client-centered, customized approach to the needs, scope, and budget for each project. I’m good at what I do because I have a lot of experience and work with other amazingly talented people which gives me the advantage to help my clients clarify their vision and achieve near-term and aspirational goals.

My work philosophy is that great design comes from great partnerships. This belief fuels my passion for each new project. I use my creativity, intuition, and experience, combined with knowledge and plenty of research, to meet my clients’ needs and help them reach their greatest potential. I handle each job with a professional attention to detail and I/we read a lot and are always on the look out for the latest technology to help us all keep up with the worlds fast pace changes.

I’m a Wisconsin native who has lived in New York City for most my life. I studied painting with Alex Chidichimo who I followed to California out of Chicago. He taught me to paint like Velázquez and I’ve been trying to unlearn that my whole career, but the truth is I love representational painting and I’m good at it. I am trying to find the balance between beautiful representational storytelling and being free to express whatever I want without limits. I have lived several times in California (I love California, but love and need New York for work) and was also lucky to live in both Europe and Mexico. When I’m not working, I love travel, small town life in Mexico and South America, music of all kinds, swimming, biking, and spending time with friends and family. Did I say biking, I love biking! – it allows me to feel alive both physically and mentally. For inspiration I take photos, search social media for amazing photographers, and explore the less explored parts of New York City and its street life.