Architecture- 2018 and other

Metal infrastructure and huge structures never cease to fascinate me. Painting them and taking them out of context I look to demonstrate their beauty. Reducing metal to paint strokes creates softening up close but from a distance, the metal still holds its incredible strength. In my painting I look for the juxtaposition of the resolute in contrast to the irresolute or soft, whether physical or emotional. Sometimes I just see something beautiful and I want to paint it :)


Figure and Parking lot outside of Rome, inspired by @matthew_dempsey
48"x24" Oil on linen canvas

George Washington Bridge, Washington Heights/Manhattan 48"x60" oil on canvas

Chinatown study#1 inspired by @niklasporter
24'x18" acrylic on canvas

Somewhere in Brooklyn photo @pladtree Clay Anderson
24"x18" Oil on canvas

Queens Plaza 7 train, Queens, 30' x 40" oil on canvas

65 Buick Skylark in front of La Casarita LA
24"x18" Oil on canvas

Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn, 36"x24" oil on canvas

Manhattan Bridge, Manhattan 30"x40" oil on canvas

Pawn shop LES, 14"x11" oil on canvas

Storm King
24'x18" Oil on canvas

Size reference of George Washington Bridge, Washington Heights/Manhattan 36"x48" oil on canvas

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