MomBasel 2018

MoMBasel II (2018), curated by Julieta Varela (of Brujas). This multigenerational group show and holiday party will feature a new series of my paintings of DadaCoz (my muse) and a new series of architectural pieces.

I feel honored to be invited to participate again this year. With the digital age, owning or creating paintings is rare, and really very special. We are so bombarded by mass-produced goods that owning something completely original, REAL, and made with love/soul is actually cool.

It was a super successful event with over 150 visitors.
Date: Thursday Dec 13th, 6pm-9pm
( BabyCastles Gallery— located at 145 W 14th St)


Doyers Street NYC 20"x20" oil on canvas

Cabaret Voltaire -Dada Coz-Out There 48"x35" oil on canvas

Cabaret Voltaire -Dada Coz-Working 48"x35" oil on canvas

Cabaret Voltaire -Dada Coz-Relations 48"x35" oil on canvas

Doyers Street NYC 20"x16" oil on canvas board

520 Bridge, Seattle 48"x24" oil on canvas -- SOLD

Brooklyn 16"x20" oil on canvas board

River Ave and 161st Street in the Bronx 20x20 Oil on Linen

Pawn Shop on the Lower East Side 11"x8" Oil on Canvas

2nd study of Doyers Street 24"x18" mixed media on Canvas

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