Painting 2017

Since March of 2017 I've been dedicated to painting the things around me. A selection of 12 pieces will be showcased and available for purchase at "Mom Basel" a night of Art curated by BRUJAS, Dec 20th at BabyCastles In NYC 145 W14th street 5pm-10pm, with Henry the Poet, Taj Francois, and sounds by no intimate, gnarianna, and unidentified black male. This is a multi generational evening to celebrate art and artists influenced by living and growing in NYC especially the LES. Come out my people from the LES and beyond.


Williamsburg Bridge
Oil, 36" x 24"

Bronx Only
Oil, 20"x20"

Painting 2017 Arkansas Children’s Hospital Kiosk and App design Spreo CMS-WhiteBoard Design Translation CDR-Clayton, Dubilier and Rice Flanders House Carriage House Paper BuzzWord